Washington DC

When you go to Washington DC make sure you map out everything you want to go to, especially if you’re only visiting for the day. There’s a lot of good restaurants surrounding the National Mall but I would recommend going to Union Market for more choice.


It’s only a few minutes away from the National Mall and a lot of people eat here. There’s also a lot of graffiti/murals surrounding this area that is #Instagrammable as they say haha.




Not only are there food sold here, there’s also this succulent stand and a cool clothing store at the other end too.

After eating we went to this cool park called Meridian Hill Park. For a second I thought I was in a European garden. Fair warning tho, there’s a lot of steps.


If you plan on walking the whole length of the National Mall, good luck. My husband and I have tried it our first time and I was so tired at the end of the day. I recommend doing the Capital Bikeshare. A lot of big cities have this system and it really is a good mode of transportation especially if where you use the bikes has a lot of nice sceneries like the National Mall.

Before getting one of the bikes make sure you download their app. It has a map that tells you where all the docking stations are and how much space is available for you to park the bike and how many bikes are available for you to use. It is $8 for a 24-hour pass. Trips under 30mins are included on the price, but if you keep it longer than 30mins there would be an additional $2 for the next half hour.

So what we do is with the map on their app I look at where we’re going and where the nearest docking station is. That way we only use the bikes 30mins every time. I’m not sure if I’m explaining this right but their website is Capitalbikeshare.com


This is the docking station near the Lincoln Memorial

So! Once you’ve figured that out you’re all set haha! I think that’s all you’ll need really.

All the museums are FREE and make sure you see the Declaration of Independence of course haha. There’s always a long line there so try to go early. The heat of the sun is awful while waiting in line especially during summer.

The only photo I managed to take without any people with him 😅
World War II Memorial
Work War II Memorial


A squirrel jumped at me thinking I have food
The White House is heavily guarded


Now this is what they call Olmstead’s Summer House Capitol Groto. Not a lot of people know this. I actually just stumbled upon it while riding my bike. I hope you find it when you go to Washington DC 😁


After every Washington DC trip I make my husband take me to Georgetown. Mainly because of Georgetown Cupcakes, and its on the way home anyways haha. We don’t have Georgetown Cupcakes in Idaho so this is a real treat for me every time we go to DC. And also the shops are really nice.

Also if you have watched The Exorcist, then you’ll be able to walk to the Exorcist Steps since its just a few blocks away from the Georgetown Cupcake Place 👻





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