Grafitti Pier Philly

My husband and I have been coming back to Philadelphia every summer since 2014, we didn’t know about the Graffiti Pier till one of our friends told us about it. It’s funny to think that I always thought I know everything there is about Philly but there’s still a lot of things out there we haven’t seen.

Graffiti Pier formerly known as Pier 18 used to be a coal loading dock owned and abandoned by Conrail in the 90’s. Now, its one of the most Instagrammed places in Philadelphia.

When you get to the Pier you’ll see group of friends taking photos of themselves or even models with people all around them and their professional looking cameras. You’ll see people swimming ( this was in the summer ), and pretty much everyone.


There are a lot of garbage lying around but it won’t stop you looking at the graffiti. I wonder what the pier would look like during Winter. Im sure it would look wonderful, just blanketed in white. Snow untouched.. If you get there early.


Here you can see the Benjamin Franklin Bridge from the end of the Pier.


After the Pier my husband and I headed for Major Richard D Winters’ grave. Who is he? If you have seen The Band of Brothers in HBO, he is the main characters there. I love that show, and so does my dad. My father is a big War buff and knows pretty much about everything, so I took this photo for me to show my Dad.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

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