the land of the morning calm

It’s happening. It’s finally happening. I’ve bought my ticket to go back home for a month in the Philippines and I have long layovers in Seoul to and from San Francisco.

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Trip to the South West

During the summer one of my teammates from soccer back when I was in high school posted on her Facebook page that she is going to America and do a 5 week long trip across it. She was looking for suggestions and people to come with her.

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Grafitti Pier Philly

My husband and I have been coming back to Philadelphia every summer since 2014, we didn’t know about the Graffiti Pier till one of our friends told us about it. It’s funny to think that I always thought I know everything there is about Philly but there’s still a lot of things out there we haven’t seen.

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New York

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New Hope, PA

If you ever find yourself in Pennsylvania and you love small towns, New Hope is for you. As long as you don’t mind walking all the time. New Hope is about an hour and a half from downtown Philadelphia.  Continue reading “New Hope, PA”



My father has lived in Boston for a good-almost 10years when i was growing up, and ever since then I’ve always wanted to see what Boston is like.

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Washington DC

When you go to Washington DC make sure you map out everything you want to go to, especially if you’re only visiting for the day. There’s a lot of good restaurants surrounding the National Mall but I would recommend going to Union Market for more choice.

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another philly post

If you are going to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell and tour the Independence Hall make sure you get there early. Not 8 or 9 am early, afternoon is fine but by 3pm rolls in you wouldn’t be able to get tickets anymore.

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A day in Philly

UPDATE: Pat’s King of Steaks by the way doesn’t take card. CASH ONLY.

My mother hasn’t been to Philly so we went downtown and showed her some things. I have a few more pictures but I’ll be uploading them in another time.

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Lititz, Pennsylvania

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